I’m the founder and last remaining member of the original band that formed in Mexico City under the name Radio Silence in the early 90’s. For many years I used to brag about not sleeping. Not anymore. I also stopped drinking strangers under the table and feeding many other illicit and insane habits. I am a musician, a composer and a theoretical physicist. I love the secret language of nature, and I am still here, speaking; against all logic and reason, disproving prophets and pissing off my enemies I remain out of thermodynamic equilibrium with the Universe. I’m an inmate in this gravitational prison, orbiting at 30 km/s round the Sun where not even the dead go free. But it’s our only home in space, and after a half a century of war I’ve come to realize that I love the joint; I just have real differences with many of the other human inmates. I hurtle through space, but I’m afraid of heights, so I bass to keep me safe and low. Just a human. Being.