Roey Ben-Yoseph is a singer, drummer and songwriter who joined Sonus Umbra in 2012 just in time to record vocals for “Winter Soulstice”. His primary role in the band is lead singer, but he contributes in other areas as well. Live, he plays percussion on most songs and on occasion takes over the drums for a song or two. As a writer, he contributes songs, vocal melodies and lyrics: his hooky melodic sensibility is often the “yang” to SU’s dark and complex “yin” . He is also the lead singer of Chicago area prog rock tribute bands Grand Parade (Genesis) and Fanfare (ELP), which is where Roey first connected with Bill, Luis and Tim. Since the late 80’s, Roey has sung and/or played drums in a number of bands covering many different musical styles, including folk rock, power pop, glam metal, hard rock, world music and prog rock. As long as the music is good, nothing else matters.