Greetings, furry mammals.

We here at Sonus Umbra miss playing live for you, so with all of us at home, we put together a version of “Alone Together Alone” from our album “Beyond the Panopticon” with the help of a few special guests. While doing this, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our new album “A Sky Full of Ghosts,” which is coming later this year. We hope you’re as excited about the finished product as we are. Stay tuned to this space!

Stay safe, wear your masks when out in public, and listen to science so we can play for you in person again.


Roey Ben-Yoseph: lead vocals and tambourine

Aaron Geller: guitar solo

Bill Harrison: drums

David Keller: cello

Tim McCaskey: guitars, sound mixing and video editing

Brittany Lee Moffitt: vocals

Luis Nasser: bass, sound design

Steve Royce: flute and keyboards

Andy Tillotson: delete button

Thanks to Aaron and Brittany for joining us on this project. Shoutout also to Rich Poston, who’s taking time off from recording, but has already written and recorded kickass stuff for the new record.

Brittany is working on a new record too – hear her last one: