Tonight is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Seven years ago, the newly minted Chicago version of Sonus Umbra released their first album, Winter Soulstice, a cold and foreboding semi-autobiographical album written primarily by Luis and set deep in the heart of Chicago’s winter. That well received album put into motion a chain of events that took the band all over North America, saw them weather some lineup changes and witnessed the release another well regarded album Beyond the Panopticon. The latest Sonus album A Sky Full of Ghosts drops tomorrow and completes the story begun in Panopticon. Once again, the setting is cold and foreboding, but far closer to zero degrees Kelvin than Farenheit. The album is a true band effort, with writing and arranging contributions from everyone. Today is your last chance to buy a limited edition band signed copy that will ship with the first batch of CDs. Check out for all the details.