Greetings fellow cosmonauts and current survivors in this year of the plague, 2020!

I am writing simply to share that the new album has arrived. Yes indeed! I had a chance to listen to the finished printed product, with my normal stereo I use all the time and also with headphones, in the dark, as I intended all Sonus albums to be heard.

It really and truly sounds fantastic.

I am anxious to hear people’s reactions. It’s an album that was made for people who like to listen, and I don’t say that in an elitist way; it just has a lot of stories within the story, self-references and many twists and turns that I think will be surprising and rewarding upon repeated listens, linking up to “Beyond the Panopticon” and closing the circle.

In the past, all I wanted was to write and make music for misanthropes, nerds, loners and the perturbed; my people.

Fast-forward 20 years to the present, and I think Andy Tillotson and yours truly took everyone’s work and managed to end up with something that gives mental footholds for all sensibilities.

You can choose to take the great fall inwards here, with us:

– Luis Nasser